Left Console07.01.2003  

Left Console

If you want to have more details about every single part of the center console, click with the mouse onto the desired part. They are listed in alphabetical order.

The Left Console with his elements
Pictures from the Left Console

The Left Console with his elements

Left Console

PanelWidth (mm)Height (mm)Information
Anti G75,80145,70Anti G
Audio 1~ 145,50~ 76,20Audio 1 Panel
Audio 2~ 145,50~ 38,10Audio 2 Panel
Aux Comm~ 145,50~ 95,25Auxiliary Communication Panel
AVTR~ 145,50~ 57,15Audiovisual Tape Recorder
Blank 1~ 145,50~ 38,10Growth
Blank 2~ 145,50~ 57,15Growth
Canopy Jettison??Canopy Jettison Handle
Chaff/Flare Button??Chaff/Flare Slap Switch
Defog??Defog Handle
ECM145,5066,67Electronic Countermeasures Stowage
Engine Start~ 75,60~ 200,00Engine/Jet Start
EPU?~ 123,82Emergency Power Unit
Ext Lighting145,7085,80Exterior Lighting
Flt Control~ 145,50~ 123,80Flight Control
Fuel~ 145,50~ 57,15Fuel
Manual Canopy Control??Manual Canopy Control
Manual Pitch~ 75,60~ 66,67Manual Pitch Override
Manual Trim~ 145,50~ 104,78Manual Trim
Test~ 75,60~ 145,50Test
UHF145,50123,82UHF Radio Control Panel

All the dimensions marked with an "~" are either calculated with a grid of 9,54mm or estimated values due to other parameters. Please contact me if you have exact values. All dimensions without the "~" are correct; the measurements were taken from the original panel.

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Left Console

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