Helm Mount Display Panel

The HMD panel controls the Helm Mount Dispay System (HMD) and is used only in the MLU version. The HMD System is a night vision camera on the top of the pilot helmet. The HMS panel is located in the lower part of the left aux. console.

The panel and his elements
Pictures from the HMD Panel

The panel and his elements


VIDEO CONTRotary pot0 - INCVideo contrast
VIDEO BRTRotary potOFF - INCVideo brightness
SYMBOLIC INTRotary potOFF - INCSymbol intensity
RF3-Way switchNORMAll radio transmissions are allowed
QUIETMost radio transmissions inhibited, some allowed
SILENTNo radio transmissions are allowed

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the HMD Panel

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