Right Console25.09.2002  

Right Console

If you want to have more details about every single part of the center console, click with the mouse onto the desired part. They are listed in alphabetical order.

The Right Console with his elements
Pictures from the Right Console

The Right Console with his elements

Right Console

PanelWidth (mm)Height (mm)Information
Air Cond~ 145,50~ 57,15Air Condition Panel
Anti Ice~ 145,50~ 38,10Anti Ice/Antenna Selector Panel
Avionics Power~ 145,50~ 95,25Avionics Power Panel
Blank 1?~ 38,10Growth
Blank 2~ 145,50~ 28,57Growth
Blank 3~ 145,50~ 85,72Growth
Blank 4~ 145,50~ 95,25Growth
Blank 5~ 145,50~ 38,10Growth
DTU~ 145,50~ 114,30Data Transfer Unit
Floodlight  Floodlight
HUD~ 145,50~ 66,67HUD Remote Control Panel
KY58~ 145,50~ 123,82Sec. Voice/Connector Stowage
Lighting~ 145,50~ 114,30Interior Lighting
MAP/Data Stow.  Map & Data Stowage
Nuclear~ 145,50~ 38,10Nuclear Consent Panel
Oxygen Reg.~ 145,50~ 76,20Oxygen Regulator Panel
SNSR PWR145,5037,30Sensor Power Management Panel
Zeroize~ 75,60~ 200,00Zeroize/Voice Inhibit Panel

All the dimensions marked with an "~" are either calculated with a grid of 9,54mm or estimated values due to other parameters. Please contact me if you have exact values. All dimensions without the "~" are correct; the measurements were taken from the original panel.

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Right Console

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