The ACES-II (ejection seat)

I had my ACES-II replica already finished a long time ago, but since I have been looking at the real F-16, I am not any longer happy with my design. The real ACES II has lots of special shapes, which makes it difficult to build a matching mock-up, but it is not impossible to do. Specially the parachute-container is complicated to build, as the are no 90 angles at all. Fortunately a good friend, "Pogo" helped me a lot, as he was able to get two original parachute-containers and sold me one of them :-)))

This way the most difficult part was already done! Now I "only" had to install the container on top of my seat, but it turned to be out more difficult than I thought, as I didn't know how the base of the container really was, and my seat turned out to be about 3 cm too wide. L Therefore, get back to drawings and think about a way how to modify my seat so that the container would fit and the seat still would be looking good.

This is the present stage. Right now I am working with my CAD program and draw designs, and draw, and draw, and draw... (hope to be ready before the 22nd century ;-)

In order to make the building of your seat a little bit easier, I made a detailed drawing of the container, which might help you. .By the way a neat copy of the ACES-II can be found at http://go.to/simhangar at Chris "Speedone"'s page.

Table of drawing parts
Pictures from the ACES-II

Table of drawing parts

00Original00Stuhl001Parachute container
04Stuhl02Instrumentsnträger links001Frontplatte
    003MISC/ECM Träger
  03Instrumentsnträger rechts001Frontplatte
    003??? Träger
  01Rückenteil001Seitenteil links
    002Seitenteil rechts
  02Sitzteil001Seitenteil links
    002Abstandsbalken links
    005Abstandsbalken rechts
    006Seitenteil rechts

Pictures from the ACES-II

Well it still looks empty, but so far I have not gone any further for now. Just to make things interesting, here a picture of the original Aces II without parachute-container. Here you can see, how the chute-container is fixed at the top of the seat. This is achieved by cables which go along the inside of the seat.

On the other picture a view of the cute-container (from front left). The "ears" on each side of the container host the chute's strings.

ACES-II without parachute container

Parachute container

my ACES-II Rev. 1.0

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