The Tub

This is the principal part of the simulator. It will hold the center console, the glare shield as well as the ACES-II. As this part is supposed to be very stable, I made it of 17,5mm plywood, which makes it quite robust. I recommend to build the casing this way, as it might be possible that some friend with some overweight wants to get into the simulator and supports all his weight on the sides of the simulator-casing (I had that experience already). I am glad to tell you, that the construction took all the stress without any harm!

The plans
Table of drawing parts
Pictures from the tub

The plans

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Table of drawing parts

  02Seitenträger links001Seitenwand außen
    002Seitenschräge außen
    004Seitenwand innen
    005Consolenplatte Part 1
Consolenplatte Part 2
  03Seitenträger rechts001Seitenwand außen
    003Seitenschräge außen
    005Seitenwand innen
    006Consolenplatte Part 1
Consolenplatte Part 2

Pictures from the tub

In order to make it easier to imagine the shell, here some pictures about the "internal life". You can see the positioning of the speakers as of the rudder pedals.

Subwoofer behind the center console

The rudder pedals from Thrustmaster


Download the plans:
tub.zip (1.124 KB)

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