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Legal notice, Data privacy, Adjustments and Hints for this Site

In this part I am giving some help and hints to use this HP, as well as thanking all those who helped me in a restless way.

Using the page
Language (German/English)
Optimal view and print-out of the drawings/plans
Thanks saying
Data privacy
Legal notice

Using the page

When opening my site http://www.xflight.de/f16 the HTML index is started. On the left side you can find a menu-bar and a navigation-bar. This is done in a similar way as found in the Microsoft Windows Explorer (Microsoft Windows W9x/NT/2000). When starting, all sections are closed. Clicking on them with the mouse, will open each one. A further click on the arrow pointing downwards will close it again.
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All files that are underlined can be used as links. The navigation bar is shown in German, as far as you have not selected English by clicking onto the banner. More description about this is given in the next chapter. You can however select English from the beginning, by typing http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_e.htm which will take you to the English translation (as far as it is already done ;-) right away.

The navigation bar is written in JavaScript. If you do not like to use JavaScript, you can open the HP without it by writing http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_n.htm at the beginning. This is recommended for Opera ver.5.12 users. I do not know why, but users of this browser get a very slow download. If you want to get the English version of my HP without JavaScript, just write http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_ne.htm. That's all.

Call Information
http://www.xflight.de/f16/index.htm Site in German language
http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_e.htm Site in English language
http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_n.htm Site in German language without JavaScript
http://www.xflight.de/f16/index_ne.htm Site in English language without JavaScript

Language (German/English)

There are many visitors of my site who do not speak German. Hence, I was frequently asked to provide an English translation. In the following weeks I will - bit by bit - translate all pages into English. To change the language, you must click on the flag on the menu-bar on the left side of the page. The meaning and use of these flags is self-explanatory.
      Change to English pages.
      Change to German pages.

If you have any specific questions, please send me an e-mail. Please be a bit patient, however: I receive more e-mails than I ever expected, so it might take a while before I can respond to your mail.


All pages are optimised for Netscape Navigator 4.x with a screen-resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixel. The Navigation-menu and some other parts of the pages were created with the help of JavaScript. Some of you might have deactivated JavaScript in their browser for a better security: You will therefore not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the pages. You can, however, still view an "emergency"-homepage, but you cannot view the pictures in the full-screen modus. Personally I believe that JavaScript is significantly safer than Microsofts "ActiveX" and that it enables a much easier use of web-sites.

All pages were also tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.x and Opera 5.12 worked well. Should you nevertheless have problems viewing my page please send me an e-mail with a description of the problem.

I have now a little performance problem with the menu-bar on the left side of the page. Have you any idea?

To optimise the view I used CSS-style-sheets: Once you understood them they are a great tool.


For an easy overview over the pages I designed them with frames. But frames also have disadvantages: They required much space and it is problematic to bookmark sub-pages.

To avoid this problem all pages can also be viewed without frames.

Optimal view and print-out of the drawings/plans

It was very difficult to find a halfway reasonable form to show the CAD-drawings. Unfortunately, CAD-drawings cannot be built into HTML-pages without using plug-ins. The pages were therefore transformed into bitmaps and reduced until they could be printed out on a DIN-A4 page. Therefore, the shown scale is not correct any more.

Many drawings and plans are shown in a landscape-format. For printing them out you just have to change the page-format of your printer to "landscape".

The drawings were completely done with the CAD-program "TurboCAD 6.5". This program is - at least in Germany - not that well-known, but offers for a low price a lot. I wholeheartedly can recommend it.


It is difficult to get appropriate material about the F-16, and this was one of my biggest problems. In this Site you'll find lots of information about the real F-16. Most of this data can be found on magazines, the U.S. Air Force Publications, the great documentations to EFALCON 1.10, SuperPAK 1-3 and realism patches to Falcon 4.0, the handbook of Falcon 4.0 (from Microprose), other home-pages, newspapers, etc. Many informations i have from the following sources:

Thanks saying

Many people, companies and institutions have helped me a lot during the last years, giving me information, blueprints, help of any kind. Without them I would not have been able to bring this project so far. If I mention all of them. Downloading this page would be very long, so that I would like to mention some of the people who helped me in a special way (in alphabetical order):

And of course, I would not like to forget the Falcon 4 Unified Team (http://f4ut.frugalsworld.com/) as they converted the Falcon 4.0 simulation into the Rolls Royce of the simulations. SuperPAK 3.0 is just a must for every simulator-builder also due to the great documentation it includes. Again, thank you guys!


Now just some words about Copyright of my page:

In the past I found a couple of copies 1:1 of my HP, just running under another name and of course, did not like this at all. As many other enthusiasts I give you all the information I can, which sometimes means a lot of work, and therefore please just don't copy this info into another HP with just another name.

All my pictures and drawings can be sheared freely, but please just mention "Martin Schmitt" or "www.xflight.de" when doing it. Also please do not modify the pictures and drawings and no commercial use is allowed! I would appreciate if you contact me if you are going to use or making my information public on another site.

All other information can be used freely, as far as the copyright of others is respected.

I think and hope, that you will understand this. If not just write me some lines and we will discuss it.

Martin Schmitt - Berlin - GERMANY

Data privacy

Ich nehme den Schutz Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten sehr ernst. Der Schutz Ihrer Privatsphäre ist für mich von höchster Bedeutung. Die Einhaltung der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen - wie des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG) und des Telemediengesetzes (TMG) - ist für mich selbstverständlich. Im Folgenden will ich kurz darstellen wie ich Ihre Daten schütze.

Was sind personenbezogene Daten?
Unter personenbezogenen Daten versteht man Informationen, mit denen sich Ihre Identität ermitteln lässt. Also etwa Ihr Name, Adresse oder Telefonnummer. Informationen, welche Seite unseres Angebotes von einer bestimmten IP-Adresse aus abgerufen wurde oder welchen Browser ein Server beim Zugriff auf unser Angebot nutzt, fallen nicht darunter.

Sammle ich personenbezogene Daten?
Ich sammle auf meiner Web-Site keine personenbezogenen Daten.

Was sind Cookies?
Cookies sind kleine Textdateien, die auf der Festplatte des Besuchers einer Webseite abgelegt werden können. Sie ermöglichen es Ihnen persönliche Einstellungen auf der Webseite vorzunehmen.

Verwende ich Cookies?
Ich nutze auf meiner Web-Site keine Cookies.

Ich kann keine Verantwortung oder Haftung für die Angebote von Webseiten von Dritten übernehmen.

Bei jedem Aufruf werden Zugriffsdaten in einer Protokolldatei, dem Server-Log, gespeichert. Der dabei gespeicherte Datensatz enthält die folgenden Daten: Auskunftsrecht
Nach § 34 BDSG haben Sie ein Auskunftsrecht. Eine Verweigerung der Auskunft über die Herkunft und die Empfänger der Daten wird nur dann erfolgen, soweit das Interesse an der Wahrung des Geschäftsgeheimnisses gegenüber dem Informationsinteresse des Betroffenen überwiegt.

Sie können zu jederzeit unentgeltlich Auskunft über die zu Ihrer Person gespeicherten Daten verlangen. Die Auskunft erfolgt dann unverzüglich nach Maßgabe von § 34 BDSG und enthält die über Sie gespeicherten Daten, auch soweit sie sich auf die Herkunft dieser Daten beziehen, den Empfänger oder Kategorien von Empfängern an die Daten weitergegeben werden und den Zweck der Speicherung.

Bei Fragen sowohl im Falle der Auskunft als auch der Geltendmachung des Widerspruchsrechtes genügt die Zusendung einer E-Mail an die Adresse "f16@xflight.de". Ich behalte mir dabei das Recht vor, die Auskunft oder Beantwortung von Fragen elektronisch vorzunehmen.

Ich behalte mir das Recht vor, diese Erklärung zum Datenschutz unter Beachtung der rechtlichen Vorgaben jederzeit zu ändern.

Berlin im Februar 2016

Legal notice

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