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Links to other good F-16 Sites

Info and documentation to the F-16
Flightsimulator programs
All around the EPIC card
Manufactors of parts around flightsimulators
Supplier of flight-equipment
Other homebuild cockpits
Virtual fighter wings
Other good links

Info and documentation to the F-16

Air Force Instruction 11-2F-16 Volume 3 - F-16 Operations Procedures
Airforce Technology - F-16 Fighting Falcon Project
F-16 Reference: Three-Four-Nine - One of the best F-16 sites
F-16 Fighting Falcon Military Aircraft - Good documentation of the F-16
Lockheed Martin - Manufactor of the Falcon F-16
The F-16 Fighting Falcon in the IAF
USAF Fact Sheet - F-16 Fighting Falcon
U.S. Air Force - Good information about USAF.
U.S. Air Force - The Official Source Site for Publications and Forms

Flightsimulator programs

Aerowinx - B747-400 Flightsimulator
Mircoprose - Falcon 4.0 Flightsimulator
Superpak 3 - The official site for the Falcon 4.0 Unified Team

All around the EPIC card

EPIC Group - Tips and other to EPIC
Micro Cockpit - Supplier of EPIC-card in europe
R&R Electronics - Manufactor of the EPIC-card
EPIC Group - Alles rund um die EPIC-Card

Manufactors of parts around flightsimulators

Aerosoft GmbH - Paderborn
AGT - Advanced Graphics Technologies, L.L.C.
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Web Site!
All Electronics - New/Surplus Electronic Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies
FlightManuals GR - The leader in CD based flight manuals!
Flightware for Professionals - Austria
Home of Flight Sim Instruments - Good fakes of F-16 instruments from Holger Lietz
Korry - The original knobs and switches from the F-16
McMaster Carr - Lights, switches and other
Nova Series F16 Panel Kit - The panels from Peter Cos
Real Simulation - The best rudder pedals for the F-16 and other great F-16 parts
Stimbox - Computer flight simulation cockpit
Thrustmaster - Joysticks, Throttle etc.

Supplier of flight-equipment

Army and Navy-Shop
Aviation Helmet
Aviators World
Check Six Aviation - Very good equipment
Flight Suits: Flight Jackets, Flying Helmets, EMS & Tactical Uniforms
Haas Ausrüstungen Flightgear and Flighthelmets for Collectors
Holger Brauns Pilotshop
Military Aviation Collectibles
Omaha's original GI surplus
Watkins Aviation

Other homebuild cockpits

Derek's Cockpit Links - The best links and information for cockpit builder
Chris "SpeedOne" Van Lierop Cockpit
Dieter "Phaser"s F-16 Cockpit
Greg Fieserīs Homebuild F-16 Cockpit
Kriss Neilsons F-16 Flight Simulator Page
Martin "Pogo"īs F16 Cockpit Projekt
Prohm Snitwong's F-16 Cockpit

Virtual fighter wings

23rd Virtual Fighter Squadron "Hawks" - The best F-16 virtual wing in Germany
31st VFS Lost Angels - Germany
72nd Iron Eagles - Germany
87th Stray Dogs - European Virtual Fighter Wing
62nd Fighting Falcons - Air Combat Simulation Club
617th Flying Eagles - Falcon 4.0 Staffel

Other good links

Aeroseek - Aviation Search Engine and Directory
Air Combat School
FlightXPress - German flightsimulator magazin
Flightschool "Hans-Grade" - The best Flightschool in Berlin and Brandenburg!
FSCockpit.com - Find your way into simulator cockpit construction
IMSI TruboCAD 7.0 - CAD programm
ONElist Simpits - Homebuildforum

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