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Due to several requests fo some "simmers" that visit these pages frequently, I have included a NEWS page. On this you will find the latest status of my project. Using the link, you can get directly to this site. This way I hope to save you some times looking for the latest news ;-) Have fun!

30.10.2008 Tempelhof Airport, located right in the heart of Berlin is handled as the "Mother of all Airports" and is the first flight traffic airport of the world. Among pilots, who are enabled to make a comparison is Tempelhof one of the most beautiful airports of the world.

Is was and is the "State of Liberty" for the German people, specially for the people of West Berlin. Without Tempelhof and without the unique Air Bridge of the Allied, the sowjet blockade of Berlin might have ended in another way for West Berlin as well as for the free world. For these reasons is Tempelhof a symbol of freedom for us.

Also for the Economy of Berlin is the airport extremely important, due to the short distance from Downtown.

Even though, Tempelhof Airport was closed on the 30th. October 2008 by the Berlin Mayor in Klaus Wowereit, against all logical thinking and against the will of the majority of the citizens. Leading people from the political, media, science, sports and business world were in favour to keep the airport operating - without results. Why was the airport closed? Those are facts that the people of Berlin would also like to know. All the by Wowereit and his communist party given reasons were one by one shown to be a fake. Also the City of Berlin that already is full of debts is charged with the high costs of the closing of the Tempelhof Airport. A black day for Berlin, October 30th 2008 and also a black day for democracy.

In order to let you have a chance to see what I am talking about, I am showing some further pages with pictures. These pictures were taken from my "Home Base" due to my interest for old planes.
Best pictures from airport Tempelhof  
11/24/2007 I have found a very good and new book with many colored pictures around the F-16 C and D.
Literature about the F-16 and air combat  
08/06/2007 After long time I have updated my web site with any new pictures, that I had make in the last two years on different airbases.
Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 9 Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 10
Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 11 Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 12
Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 13 Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 14
Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 15  
02/12/2005 Many good and nice friends from me give me in the last time a chance to visit different Airbases around Europe. For me was this a very good chance to study the F-16 in different versions - in life and as simulator. Thanks for all to all the nice people who's help me and help me by questions and other!!
For all F-16 simulations friends I have public here a small part of pictures, that I had make on the bases. I hope it's helpful for your cockpit projects. Also I have public new panels drawings on my site.
Pictures from the F-16 MLU Simulator - Part 9 Pictures from the F-16 MLU Simulator - Part 10
Cockpit pictures from the F-16 - Part 4 Links to other good F-16 Sites
AUDIO 1 Panel AVTR Panel
Avionics Power Panel  
06/05/2004 Thanks to good relations of a friend with the Commanding Officer of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Base in Volkel, me and Dieter "Phaser" got the unique chance to visit the base and have a vast look at the F-16 MLU simulators that are located there ;-)... and have a flight in them. The 311st and the 312th Squad as well as the 306th with their F-16 are stationed at Volkel. After the 9.11 and under normal conditions almost no civilian gets this chance, so that we were extremely happy that we had been invited to the base. We got the chance for over four hours to take pictures as well as taking measurements for our cockpit-project and learning lots about the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 MLU (of course only the "NON CLASSIFIED" data). We also were allowed to fly the simulator extensively.

For me was this visiting enrichment, as we were received by the base members with extreme kindness and friendship; it was just incredible. We just felt like being welcomed into a "large family". My special thanks to the Commanding Officer, Colonel de Rave, Major "Longo" van der Hoeven and to our Flight Instructor Axel.

Now just another info: There are some "Open Days" held at the base In Volkel on June 18th and June 19th. These days should be marked in each F-16 fan's agenda!

I have updated some data and pictures on some other places of this Site. Have fun searching for them ;-)
Pictures from the F-16 MLU simulator - Part 7 Pictures from the F-16 MLU simulator - Part 8
Pictures from the F-16 MLU simulator - Part 9 Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 12
Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 13 Outside pictures from the F-16 - Part 14
03/21/2004 The Realsimulator guys in Spain have again a very interesting new feature for the F-16 cockpit builder: They have been able to produce a reasonable priced modification kit for the Thrustmaster's Cougar, using force transducers. When using force transducers, the control signals are not given by movements, but via the applied force. This method is also used in the realF-16. This modification kit also solves the space problem that appears when installing a stick into the cockpit. I have purchased this kit from Realsimulator and have modified my stick. Here you can read how it worked.
The FSSB  
03/11/2004 I have gathered a series of new information about the panels and I am showing this info on my page. One of this news refers to the Caution Panel, which now gives the correct dimensions according to different models and versions. I have also enhanced the colored cockpit layouts and corrected many small details. Have fun while looking around!
All panel pages starting here... The caution panel
Documents, plans and checklists of the F-16  
01/22/2004 Finaly the time has come and the Realsimulator's ICP has arrived; it looks phantastic! Now I am the proud owner of the RS MFDs AND the ICP. I think these parts make a perfect match. Don't you think so?
At the lower right you see a picture of the CCD. The CCD is like the central comunications center for the Realsimulator's hardware and is connected via USB cable to the PC. You can simply plug in single panels with a cable into it as it is a Plug & Play device. By using an expansion port further modules and panels can be hooked up. The programming is achieved using a language that is simple to learn. I a way the creation of this language was my fault. I have developed it and gave it to Manuel and Bartolomè to be used in our F-16 project. For Falcon SP3/BMS1 predefined programs are delivered with the CCD, making further progamming unnecessary. Within a short time I will publish some hints and tricks for this language on my site.
12/14/2003 Only a number of small corrections I have make in my site. But in the near future I will make a new chapter of the shell of the F-16 include measurements and many very good pictures.
All sites from here...  
07/28/2003 A number of small corrections which had accumulated in the course of the time I has installed to the side. And some panel layouts were also added.
All sites from here...  
02/01/2003 I have corrected the coloured cockpit-drawings; finally all measurements of each panel match correctly. Also the colours of the lights and other details have been updated using good pictures and documentation. A very special help was given to me by Kostas and Philippe and to thank them I have drawn two more cockpit layouts. They are the layouts of the F-16A MLU, number FA-93 of the Belgian Airforce and the layout of the F-16C Block, number 88-0136 of the Greek Airforce. Therefore, now the following layouts are available for download at my document site:
  • F-16A MLU
  • F-16A MLU Belgian AF (FA-93)
  • F-16C Block 30 Greek AF (88-0136)
  • F-16C Block 30/32
  • F-16C Block 40/42 (old version)
  • F-16C Block 40/42 (current version)
  • F-16C Block 50/52 (old version)
  • F-16C Block 50/52 (current version)
Of course you will find these layouts very soon at SIMPITS. Gene will be taking care of it (Thank'su Gene!). In order to obtain a print in scale 1:1, you have to print them out using a 103% enlarging factor.

Based on these drawings I have redone also the sites that deal with panels.
Documents, plans and checklists of the F-16 All panel pages starting here...
01/10/2003 In this time my provider have big problems with the web-server. The result is, that you can't use now my forum and you can't download the pictures in a great scale and the plans. I hope, in the middle of next week you can use my site without problems.
12/23/2002 For some days my simulator friend Dieter "Phaser" and I had the opportunity to visit Manuel "Fox" and Bartolomé "Shark", the guys from Realsimulator in Madrid / Spain. They are looking forward to build themselves a full metal F-16C Block 50, as accurate as possible. Their knowledges about working with metal have been already proven through the Rudder Pedals they have already built. In order to achieve this and to cover some of the big expenses they are having, they plan to sell some small numbers of cockpits later on. The pit will be high quality, built on a modular basis an will be sold on a modular basis also.

During this visit in Spain I also had a chance to see their development of the ACES II they are building. As the original, it is almost completely made of metal, and it is almost a perfect copy of the real thing. The construction is very stable and the finish is perfect. The whole appearance is just great. All visible bolts are placed and formed by hand. Also a realistic function of the seat will be achieved, but at this time I am not allowed to tell you about the details ;-). The seat will be offered in the first half of 2003. I will buy one seat anyway.
The next parts to be produced by them, are a totally functional ICP and the MFDs. I already have seen the first prototypes of the MFD and they look really neat. I am really curious to see what else these guys will create in their shop.
11/23/2002 Chrismas-TimeSmile!!! I have been a long time looking for real rudder pedals or at least a good copy of them for my simulator. After some time I found the product at Realsimulator in Spain. They produce the F-16 rudders in a very good quality, toe-brakes, adjusting basis capability to be used with the Cougar by Thrustmaster.

After consulting several times my "internal" and external banking institutes, and after deciding to cancel my next vacation-trip, I decided to buy these pedals, and I have to say that I was not disappointed at all!! What I received by mail some days later, allmost made me cry. Aprox. 10 Kg of steel an aluminium in the best quality and workmanship. ;-) These things are just pure MADNESS ! Even though they have a high price, for me they are worth each penny I paid for.

For those who are interested in the pedals, I have written a Test-report with lots of pics.


...and this was inside!

And I have new Suggested literature from the F-16.
The real rudder pedals Suggested literature about the F-16...
11/18/2002 I have received from Kostas Kefalas a series of very good pictures of the cockpit of the F-16 Block 30 of the greek Air Force. He kindly authorized me to use some of them for my Site. Thanks to these pictures, some panels and gauges are shown better.

I have also finished the first technical drawings of some panels. They are the drawings for the Light-Plate from the Gear Panels, as well as for the Caution Panels.
Any panel pages starting here... Drawings from the Caution Panel
Drawings from the Gear Panel  
09/26/2002 Finally I have finished them. Based on the cockpit-drawing from Prohm Snitwong, I have made the new cockpit-layouts of the different F-16 versions, trying to give as much details as possible. Now yopu can recognize each single screw, each labeling of each panel, according to the different versions. I have the following Layouts for you:
  • F-16A MLU (Mid-Life-Update)
  • F-16C Block 30/32
  • F-16C Block 40/42 (old Version)
  • F-16C Block 40/42 (current Version)
  • F-16C Block 50/52 (old Version)
  • F-16C Block 50/52 (current Version)
All these layouts can be downloaded from Documents, plans and checklists of the F-16.

Of course I have modifued according to these layouts the drawings on the panel site. I took into consideration, as far as I had the information the different versions of the panels. For example, have a look at the different UHF panels and MISC panels.
Documents, plans and checklists of the F-16 All panel pages starting here...
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