Center Console 29.12.2003  

Center Console

The center console is in a certain senses the main console of the F-16. It integrates the following components:
As far as everything is working fine in the cockpit, the pilot will concentrate on the HUD, MFDs and ICP with DED, which are all located at the center console right in front of the pilot's head.

If you want to have more details about every single part of the center console, click with the mouse onto the desired part. They are listed in alphabetical order.

The Center Console with his elements
Pictures from the Center Console

The Center Console with his elements

Center Console

Panel Width (mm) Height (mm) Information
ADI 83,00 83,00 Attitude Direction Indicator
ADI Backup 60,50 60,50 Backup Attitude Direction Indicator
Air Cond Block ? ? Air Condition Block
Airspeed 83,00 83,00 Airspeed Indicator
Altimeter 83,00 83,00 Altimeter
AOA ? ~ 83,00 Angle of Attack Indicator
DED 85,72 31,75 Data Entry Display
Eyebrow Buttons ? ? Eyebrow Buttons
Eyebrow Light ? ? Eyebrow Lights
FTIT ? ? Fan Turbine Inlet Temperature Indicator
FFI ? ? Fuel Flow Indicator
Fuel QTY Sel ? ? Fuel Quantity Indicator
HSI ~83,00 ~83,00 Horizontal Situation Indicator
HUD ? ? Head Up Display
ICP ? ? Integrated Control Panel
Indexer Lights ? ? AOA and Refuel/NWS Indexer Lights
Instr ? ~ 83,00 Instrument Mode
Marker Beacon ? ? Marker Beacon (Outer-, Middle- and Innermarker)
MFD 141,00 141,00 Multi Function Display
Misc ? ? Misc Armament Panel
NOZ Pos ? ? Nozzle Position Indicator
Oil Press ? ? Oil Pressure Indicator
Pedal ADJ ? ? Pedal Adjust Handle
RPM ? ? Revolutions per Minute Indicator
RWR ? ? Radar Warning Receiver
Threat W. Prime ? ? Threat Warning Prime
VVI ? ~ 83,00 Vertical Velocity Indicator

All the dimensions marked with an "~" are either calculated with a grid of 9,54mm or estimated values due to other parameters. Please contact me if you have exact values. All dimensions without the "~" are correct; the measurements were taken from the original panel.

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Center Console


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RWR Eyebrow Lights Eyebrow Buttons Threat Warning Prime MFD MFD DED ADI Backup Fuel Flow Oil Press NOZ Pos RPM FTIT Air Speed Altimeter ADI HSI AOA VVI Instr Marker Beacon Fuel QTY Sel Air Cond Block Pedal ADJ ICP Misc AOA Lights Refuel Lights HUD