Eyebrow Light 18.11.2002  

Eyebrow Lights

The Eyebrow Lights are at both sides of the glare-shield of the center console. Due to these lights located at eyebrow height, the pilot receives data about critical situations and damaged systems.

The Eyebrow Lights
Pictures from the Eyebrow Lights

The Eyebrow Lights

Eyebrow Light

Element Type Position Information
Warning light 2-Status light TF-FAIL TF switch in MAN TF
- -
Warning light 2-Status light - -
OVRD Manual pitch is OVRD (only F-16D)
Warning light Button with
status light
On, if something on the Caution panel lights up or when BINGO fuel state is reached. Turn off the light by pressing the button.
Warning light 2-Status light ENG FIRE On, if engine fire
ENGINE On, if engine fault
Warning light Status light HYD/OIL
On, if hydraulic- or oil-pressure too low or high
Warning light 2-Status light FLCS On, if problems with the FLCS (Flight Control System)
Warning light Status light TO/LDG
On, if the configuration is incorrect for takeoff or landing (T/L)
Warning light 2-Status light CANOPY On, if the canopy is not closed or is damaged
- -

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Eyebrow Lights

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Picture No. 5 and 10 was provided by Kostas Kefalas.

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