Alternatives 16.01.2002  

Alternatives to powering the simulator

Today I have the complete electronic in my simulator powered by EPIC. I can only recommend this system. Once you have understood how EPIC works, it will be easy to power switches, buttons, rotaries, LEDs etc. If EPIC is too expensive for you, I give also information about an alternative to EPIC.

Circuit for switch

As I mentioned in the history of my simulator, you do require a circuit to power switches, normally two way switches. This circuit should open or close power to the switch, according to its position, and hold it either on or off. If you would do this using your keyboard, you should hold one key pressed. 2-way switch is not exactly what you want to see. Right here is where the small circuits takes over, simulating a permanent closed or opened electric circuit. This emulates pressing a key. It is important, that you use a 2 pole switch, as if you use a 1 pole switch a relais has to be installed to keep the switch closed when starting the program.

The circuit is available in two sizes, the smaller one can only produce one signal in the S1 and S2 switch- position. This is useful for example for the landing gear switch, where you usually use the command "g". The bigger circuit delivers a separate signal for each switches position. This way you could program CTRL/L in the first position and ALT/L for example, in the second position (S2)

It gets more difficult if you want to use a 3 way switch (ON/OFF/ON). In order to use these, you need 2 circuits (a small one and a bigger one) to emulate the required impulses. At this point I want to remember you, that the circuit is not able to deliver a specific code, it just opens or closes a circuit allowing electricity to pass through or not. To define the code for a switch, you need another hardware for programming the keyboard controller. This is made by IHSE GmbH (article-no. GCK-210-FREEPR).

IHSE keyboard controller

05.01 - Circuit for switch (one signal)
05.02 - Circuit for switch (two signals)


Download the plans
electronic.zip (125 KB)

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