Kippschalter 1pos 16.01.2002  

Circuit for switch - one signal


Epoxy plate, 1,5 mm, copperplated on one side, perforations for 2.54mm


Halbleiter   Kondensatoren
IC1 NE 556 N   C1 2u2 - 25V Tantal
D1 1N4007 Diode   C2 2u2 - 25V Tantal
      C3 2u2 - 25V Tantal
Widerstände   C4 2u2 - 25V Tantal
R1 470R - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   C5 10n - 25V MKS2
R2 4k7 - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   C6 10n - 25V MKS2
R3 470R - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   C7 2u2 - 25V Tantal
R4 4k7 - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   C8 100n - 25V MKS2
R5 100k - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W      
R6 100k - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   Sonstiges
R7 10k - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   A1/a1 500R, 5V Relais
R8 10k - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   BR1 Kabelbrücke
R9 10k - Metallfilm 1% 0,25W   BR2 Kabelbrücke
      S1a/b Kippschalter, 2-polig
Transistoren   X1 Platinen-Steckverbinder 4-polig
T1 BCY 59 VIII   X2 Platinen-Steckverbinder 2-polig
      X3 Platinen-Steckverbinder 2-polig
        DIL-Fassung 14-polig





Picture from the circuit plate

The shown circuit was made for one signal as well as for two signals. This one is equipped to give only one signal

Picture from the circuit plate

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