Emergency Power Unit

If an engine failure occurs, the Emergency Power Unit (EPU) starts automatically in order to provide the plane with the required hydraulic pressure of the primary system. The EPU can run for about 10 minutes due to an own fuel reserve (see EPU Fuel Indicator). When the EPU is running hydraulic system B is inoperative. When the EPU has no more fuel, both hydraulic systems fail, making the flying of the A/C impossible. Under these conditions ejection should be done. This panel is located on the left console.

The panel and his elements
Pictures from the Emergency Power Unit Panel

The panel and his elements


EPU3-Way switch
(Safety bar)
ONStart the EPU manual
NORMAL (Safe)EPU will start and run automatically
OFFEPU doesn't run exept when no generator present
Status lightLight
 On, if EPU is active
Status light2-Status light
HYDRAZNOn, if EPU is consuming Hydrazine fuel rather than running off engine pressure
AIROn, if the EPU has been commanded to run

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Emergency Power Unit Panel

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Picture No. 3 was provided by Kostas Kefalas.

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