HSI 02.11.2002  

Horizontal Situation Indicator

The HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) is a backup for the HSD (Horizontal Situation Display) of the MFDs and waypoints on the HUD. The HIS provides information about course, bearing, distance to TACAN stations, navigation fix-points, landingstrips, tankers or waypoints. This navigation aid is shown as "birdsview". The A/C is allways located at the center. The bearings and positions are based on a 360 compass. The HSI together with the INSTR MODE Switch on the INSTR-Panel allow the selection of TACAN or NAV data.

This indicator is located in the middle of the center console.

The indicator and his elements
Pictures from the Horizontal Situation Indicator

The Indicator and his elements


Element Type Position Information
HDG Rotary   Set heading bug
CRS Rotary   Set course bug

The showed panel drawing is a drawing with can be downloaded from my page Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16.

Pictures from the Horizontal Situation Indicator

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Picture No. 3 was provided by Erwin Neyt.

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