ACES-II 14.04.2002  

The ACES-II (ejection seat)

I had my ACES-II replica already finished a long time ago, but since I have been looking at the real F-16, I am not any longer happy with my design. The real ACES II has lots of special shapes, which makes it difficult to build a matching mock-up, but it is not impossible to do. Specially the parachute-container is complicated to build, as the are no 90 angles at all. Fortunately a good friend, "Pogo" helped me a lot, as he was able to get two original parachute-containers and sold me one of them :-)))

This way the most difficult part was already done! Now I "only" had to install the container on top of my seat, but it turned to be out more difficult than I thought, as I didn't know how the base of the container really was, and my seat turned out to be about 3 cm too wide. L Therefore, get back to drawings and think about a way how to modify my seat so that the container would fit and the seat still would be looking good.

This is the present stage. Right now I am working with my CAD program and draw designs, and draw, and draw, and draw... (hope to be ready before the 22nd century ;-)

In order to make the building of your seat a little bit easier, I made a detailed drawing of the container, which might help you. .By the way a neat copy of the ACES-II can be found at http://go.to/simhangar at Chris "Speedone"'s page.

Table of drawing parts
Pictures from the ACES-II

Table of drawing parts

No Major No Minor No Component
00 Original 00 Stuhl 001 Parachute container
04 Stuhl 02 Instrumentsnträger links 001 Frontplatte
        002 Seitenteil
        003 MISC/ECM Träger
    03 Instrumentsnträger rechts 001 Frontplatte
        002 Seitenteil
        003 ??? Träger
    01 Rückenteil 001 Seitenteil links
        002 Seitenteil rechts
        003 Rückwand
        004 Rückenfläche
        005 ...
    02 Sitzteil 001 Seitenteil links
        002 Abstandsbalken links
        003 Sitzfläche
        004 Vorderteil
        005 Abstandsbalken rechts
        006 Seitenteil rechts

Pictures from the ACES-II

Well it still looks empty, but so far I have not gone any further for now. Just to make things interesting, here a picture of the original Aces II without parachute-container. Here you can see, how the chute-container is fixed at the top of the seat. This is achieved by cables which go along the inside of the seat.

On the other picture a view of the cute-container (from front left). The "ears" on each side of the container host the chute's strings.

ACES-II without parachute container

Parachute container

my ACES-II Rev. 1.0

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