Center Console 16.01.2002  

The Center Console

At the top of the center console are the ICP and HUD. The lower section has besides the vital Vent nozzle ;-) the primary flight instruments. Hidden behind the center console I installed a subwoofer to improve sound in the pit.

The center console is mainly made of ply-wood (10 and 17,5mm), only the basis for the ventilation nozzle and for the pedal adjust are made of solid wood. The fitting was made with glue and screws. Only the top and front which hold the instruments, are removable.

The first design and version of the center console was quite regular and squared. The actual console matches almost 100% the original. Only the basis has small differences, but this part is hidden and does not affect the complete shape of the console. The ICP of the first version also had big differences with the original, while the actual ICP almost matches perfectly the real thing. The mentioned basis is mounted onto the floor of the real pit with an angle of about 70 deg. In my simulator I just mounted it vertical (90 deg) to the floor. As this part is not visible, it doesn't bather at all.

The plans
Table of drawing parts
Pictures from the center console

The plans

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Table of drawing parts

No Major No Minor No Component
02 Mittelteil 01 Mittelconsole 001 Seitenteil links
        002 Seitenteil rechts
        003 Oberer Instrumentsnträger
        004 Unterer Instrumentsnträger
        005 Mittelsegment 1
        006 Mittelsegment 2
        007 Mittelsegment 3
        008 Mittelsegment 4
        009 Fußsegment 1
        010 Fußsegment 2
        011 Fußsegment 3
        012 Pedal Adjust Block
        013 Lüftungsblock oben
        014 Lüftungsblock unten
    02 ICP 001 Deckplatte
        002 Seitenplatte links
        003 Seitenplatte rechts
        004 Unterseite
    03 HUD 001 Bodenplatte
        002 Schiene links
        003 Schiene rechts
        004 Spiegel
        005 AOA-Block links
        006 Refuel-Block rechts

Pictures from the center console

To avoid it to get arid, here some pictures about the building of the center console. The pictures don't show however the real hard work it meant to build it.

The picture shows the ICP (not finished jet). As it has lot of drillings I decided to build it by hand. It was cut out by laser, 1/10th mm accuracy.

still looks unfinished

the laser made panel

the basic panel...

...and here almost ready


Download the plans:
centerconsole.zip (459 KB)

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Seitenteil links Seitenteil rechts Oberer Instrumentsnträger Unterer Instrumentsnträger Mittelsegment 1 Mittelsegment 2 Mittelsegment 3 Mittelsegment 4 Fußsegment 1 Fußsegment 2 Fußsegment 3 Pedal Adjust Block Lüftungsblockunterteil Lüftungsblockoberteil Deckplatte Seitenplatte links Seitenplatte rechts Unterseite