Glare Shield 16.01.2002  

The Glare Shield

Right now there is not much data to be surrendered, but I promise to give you all the missing info very soon. ;-))

Table of drawing parts
Pictures from the glare shield

Table of drawing parts

No Major No Minor No Component
03 Aufsatz 01 Abdeckung 001 Bodenplatte links
        002 Seitenwand links
        003 Seitenschräge links
        004 Deckplatte
        005 Seitenschräge rechts
        006 Seitenwand rechts
        007 Bodenplatte rechts
        008 Rückwand

Pictures from the glare shield

Also the glare-shield was built complete again. Here some pictures. Showing the process:

Howly cow! So many angles!

The "wedding" with the center console

Giving the glare-shield a smooth finish

And here almost ready with all LEDs

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